We are the «Meta booking» company that allows each user to receive prizes and earn cashback from their purchases in MCB-tokens
About us
  • Reliable customer support service.
  • Great value loyalty program.
  • Evolve in the Metaverse, the sector with the greatest rate of growth.
  • Exclusive benefits and events.
Our land is a quest that contains a seed-phrase of 12 words. Your task is to find a seed-phrase on the land, which is randomly placed on advertising banners in pieces. For the initiative shown, you receive valuable gifts from us.
Land in the metaverse
Quest tasks and rewards will change, follow us and always be in the middle of events.
Gifts that you can receive from «Meta booking» company
up to 30%
for goods and services
What is the metaverse?
Metaverse is an online game with a full—fledged economic system on the blockchain, here you can earn cryptocurrencies, NFT and sell it for real money.
What is an MCB-token?
MCB is a unit of account in «Meta booking» company, the token serves as a measure of the value of our company, and you have a good chance to earn MCB tokens.
How to get cashback in MCB-tokens?
To receive cashback of MCB-tokens, you have to scan a payment receipt for goods or services of our partners and MCB tokens will be credited to your balance.
What are the prospects of MCB-token and why it will be expensive?
The MCB-token will have many applications in the virtual world, over time its value will increase and through the unique idea, the price of the MCB-token will reach great heights.
What gifts can I get for completing the quest?
Taking an active part in the «Meta Booking» company, a huge number of cash gifts and prizes are waiting for you, you will be able to receive:
NFT, MCB-tokens, discounts up to 30% for goods and services, avatar clothes in the metaverse